Bleaching Denim Jeans
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Established in 1974 and located in Dorval, QC, Unique Washing has solid experience in the garment dye, bleach and wash industry.
We are truly professionals in the process of dyeing and finishing an extensive variety of fabrics such as 100% cotton, polyester, lycra, linen and rayon. Whether these are jeans, shirts, t-shirts, blouse jackets, skirts, towels or even underwear, we can dye viscose, wools and silks in literally tens of thousands of shades and colours...


For over 40 years we have specialized in providing the service of dyed or bleached garments while meeting the specifications of our customers.
We deal in offering Acid Wash Services, Softener Wash Services and Hard Wash Services to our clients. Direct Dyeing Service is another kind of service offered by us to our clients as per their requirements and demands. Bleaching denim jeans, enzyme washing, stonewashing, silicon wash, dip-dye and even hand sanding...